Home Body Yoga & Wellness 

We welcome you into our studio as we would welcome you into our homes.

Small class sizes create the sanctity of the home practice and provide a safe & stable focus on slowing down the breath to movement connection to achieve a more grounded practice. As the connection to self gets stronger, your body feels more at home.  We want to guide you into your body so your body and your yoga feel just like home.

Our classes focus on the traditional breath to movement, but just as at home, encourage the comfort of listening to what your body has to say and finding the connection that keeps yoga in your body, mind, and home. 

Our studio is not heated. Use your breath to build warmth and space for movement. Blankets will be provided during the restorative sessions. 


What should I bring to class?  The yoga mat you feel most at home on, and a water bottle. We provide yoga mats for a small rental fee, and filtered water is readily available. Props for restorative sessions are provided by the studio; blocks, bolsters, blankets, sandbags, eye pillows. If you come to class frequently enough, bring (and leave if you wish!) your favorite tea mug for a post yoga refreshment. 

What should I wear to class?  We recommend wearing comfortable, breathable clothing that is not too loose. We want to be able to see the lovely shapes you make and help you with alignment, if needed. Restorative sessions are extra cozy with a long sleeved shirt or pants.

Are there any age requirements?  We are happy and excited to teach all ages! We just ask that if you are under 13 you are accompanied by an adult, and under 16 you have written consent from a family member. We encourage all ages and all walks of life to fall in love with yoga.

What if I have an injury?  Yoga is still accessible, even with an injury. We are happy to offer up modifications to allow for these injuries. Please let us know via email or before we begin class so we can help you through the postures safely.