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Lynzie Biggs, RYT-200

Lynzie started practicing yoga in 2007 during graduate school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as a way of relieving the intense anxiety and panic attacks she has suffered since she was a child. Yoga has taught her to find the space between her thoughts and her reactions and has taken her on a path to a calmer, more centered lifestyle. Through yoga, she has not only learned the power of the breath, but has also improved her balance, strength, and flexibility both on and off the mat. Lynzie made her way to the rural region of the Mississippi Delta in 2012 as a middle school English teacher. In an effort to build community and bring the beauty of yoga to the people in her new home, she completed her RYT-200 training at Yoga Alliance accredited Joyflow Yoga in Ridgeland, MS. After moving here in August to teach English in North Minneapolis, she is pleased and humbled to bring her brand of yoga that balances strength and surrender while encouraging students to take what they practice on their mats out into their lives in order to better serve themselves and others. She draws influence for her classes from the world around her as well as from a variety of yoga styles, piecing these components together to best serve students and to share with them the diversity and beauty that the practice has to offer.

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Rachel Phipps, RYT-200

Rachel and yoga became friends through a home practice; DVD's and videos taught by familiar professional yogis encouraged exploration and growth on her mat. After a year of practicing solo, she found home at a local yoga studio; she quickly and eagerly created space to absorb as much as she could, practicing under a handful of amazing teachers in the community, planting a seed that would one day grow to be her own yoga studio. Her love of yoga and the safe space it creates, especially in times of need, self-doubt, and turbulence, led her to Power Yoga teacher training. As the bond with yoga strengthened, the direction shifted; Rachel enjoys slowing down the practice to focus on alignment and breath, setting up a solid foundation to allow for continuous growth. Rachel's mantra is heart healthy = heart happy; find a way to move your body that makes you grin from ear to ear and life is good. Rachel loves to set aside the grand gestures and search for the inner most workings that make yoga safe and special, like home

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Portia, Master Homebody

Portia has been getting her downward dog on since 2008 by crashing mom's home practice on a daily basis. She especially loves interrupting inversions with kisses in order to test your balance and ability to laugh while literally upside down. When she's not on the mat, she loves snuggling under a blanket on the couch and eating snacks (especially cheese). She reminds us to slow down and to enjoy a good snuggle every now and then. She'd probably even let you take her for a walk if you asked nicely!